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UPDATE: anyoption is no longer accepting new clients. If you are a trader looking for a binary options broker then we highly advise that you sign-up with a credible brand such as FiNMAX or HighLow for a more rewarding and secured trading experience.

anyoption has been operating since 2008 and is one of the few binary options brokers today that are running an in-house trading platform but the real question is, are they good enough for your trading needs? Let’s get into the details to know the answer:

1. Good number of tradable assets
2. Regulated by a financial authority
1. Low payout rate
2. No demo account
3. Support is mostly unavailable
4. Platform design is boring


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Minimum Deposit

The minimum deposit at anyoption is $200 which is generally similar with 43% of the brokers in the industry today that have the same standard minimum deposit requirement.


Minimum Deposit

EZTrader ($200)
anyoption ($200)
BDSwiss ($100)
24option ($250)



Design and Layout

The layout is very simple but there seems to be too much simplicity that can easily bore any user. It would have been more visually engaging if they added a bit of animation or a more inviting theme compared to the dull and basic colors that they used for the website.

anyoption platform design


Banking Methods

The accepted banking methods include credit/debit cards, wire transfer and Skrill (Moneybookers) which are the most commonly used payment systems. The lack of support for PayPal is a bit of a downside though.


Minimum Trade

The accepted minimum trade size is $25 which is the standard value that is followed by 32% of all brokers in the market today. A much lower minimum investment amount is of course much better.


Minimum Trade

EZTrader ($25)
anyoption ($25)
BDSwiss ($5)
24option ($24)



Available Assets

There are about 100 tradable assets that can you can find on their trading platform and this is a tad higher than the average number of total assets in the market today which is 76. It is composed of all 4 categories namely stocks, currencies, indices and commodities.

anyoption assets


Available Asset

EZTrader (91)
anyoption (97)
BDSwiss (68)
24option (104)



Trading Platform

anyoption belongs to the 10% of brokers that have chosen to build their own platform to have more control on the features that they would like to provide for their clients. Although this bold move is commendable, they seem to be unsuccessful in this field especially with their Binary 1-100 instrument which is very risky and not too engaging. The general platform features are also not that different from the standard features that you can find with the more popular platforms.

anyoption platform



Based on the several tests that were done with this broker, their quotes are synchronized with the actual market feeds although there were some minor delays but not beyond the benchmark which is 20 minutes.


Payout Rate

With anyoption the highest payout that you can get is just 75% which is far too distant from the 33% of brokers that are offering a much higher maximum payout rate of 85%. This means that the investment returns that you can get from this broker cannot be taken full advantage of.

anyoption payout rate


Payout Rate

EZTrader (81%)
anyoption (75%)
BDSwiss (85%)
24option (88%)



Withdrawal Processing Time

Based on their website, the maximum waiting time to get your withdrawals is 7 business days, the same as 17% of the brokerage firms that can achieve this speed. It’s commendable but the frequency of withdrawal delays as reported by a number of their unhappy clients offsets this advantage.

anyoption withdrawal processing time


Withdrawal Processing Time

EZTrader (Up to 7 days)
anyoption (Up to 7 days)
BDSwiss (Up to 7 days)
24option (Up to 3 days)



Customer Service

This broker used to be at the top when it comes to customer service quality but over the years they seem to have lowered their standards especially in terms of availability. Aside from providing unsatisfactory support, their agents are mostly unavailable and very hard to reach by phone, email and live chat.

This kind of service quality is not what traders prefer and is not at par with the industry standards.

anyoption customer service



anyoption belongs to the 41% of regulated brokers in the market today. Their current license is from the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) under the operating company which is Ouroboros Derivatives Trading Limited. This means that they follow the rules that are set by this financial regulator.

anyoption regulation


Brand Reputation

Their existence since 2008 is certainly noteworthy but this basically doesn’t mean that they are the best. Over the years, their brokerage firm has gained a lot of negative feedbacks from unsatisfied clients and most of the complaints are regarding the slow processing of withdrawals and poor customer service quality, something that most traders are very particular when choosing a broker to sign-up with.

Our verdict (79/100)

anyoption may have been in the business for years but this doesn’t guarantee that they offer the best binary options trading services in the market. And even if they have the technology to build a customized platform, the features are not that different from the standard platforms that are used by other brokers. The trading conditions that they provide are also not that favourable and encouraging to make substantial returns.

UPDATE: anyoption is no longer accepting new clients.

We highly advise that you register with a more established binary options broker such as FiNMAX or HighLow for a more rewarding and secured trading experience.
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16 Responses

  1. Jimmy Verton
    Jimmy Verton at |

    i deposited $250.00 about 5 weeks ago the beginning of aug 2015 and it only shows $50.00 now . i keep asking for help and it doesn’t happen. the sked for copies of my drivers licence and bank card and i sent them. they also wanted a copy of a receipt from my home address and i have told them it is imposible because i use my bank card for all payments but they won’t believe me. if i had one i would send it. i have looked up details of anyoption and a lot of people say they have been scammed. i did trust them but i am starting to think different now.

  2. Darren Gairanod
    Darren Gairanod at |

    They are scammers! Avoid this trading company. Lost almost 200 dollars.

  3. Levi W
    Levi W at |

    I used to be a client of this broker but I decided to switch to another brand last year due to their terrible customer service. They did send my money back but only half of it!

    1. Jordan B
      Jordan B at |

      I had the same experience when I cancelled my account with them. I still have around $500 in the account and was only able to get around $200. Thieves!

  4. bhanu
    bhanu at |

    I had the same experience, this is a total scam!! Please avoid trading with anyoption…Once you win they will not return your money and ignore your calls!!!!

  5. Britney Rochester
    Britney Rochester at |

    The minimum deposit at anyoption is $200 but most of their account manager will encourage you to deposit more telling you more about additional bonuses, in the end you’ll realize that it is not true at all.

  6. Jerry Drexel
    Jerry Drexel at |

    I want to tell guys that this anyoption is never a scam until I came up close and personal with some of their financial managers who keeps bogging you about deposits on a daily basis. Then, time came for me to withdraw my profit it took them weeks to process. Not a cool practice at all.

  7. Letterio Rizzo
    Letterio Rizzo at |

    Anyoption used to be a good broker but since I got a very bad experience with my withdrawal request, I came to realized that what others was saying was true.

  8. John Dowd
    John Dowd at |

    I don’t want to risk my investment with a broker that doesn’t know how to provide online security for their clients.

    1. Stephen McGrath
      Stephen McGrath at |

      I have to agree with you on this matter. I traded with them for almost 6 months and I never liked my experience with them because the aftermath of entrusting my important CC’s information, I was barraged by dozen of calls from what they so-called account managers.

  9. Gordon Carr
    Gordon Carr at |

    This broker called anyoption is not the kind of broker I want to deal with. First, I don’t like the appearance of the platform, and they have very minimal trade offer for their clients.

    1. Davis Bowles
      Davis Bowles at |

      Why? What are the things you are looking for in a broker?

  10. Bernie Albrecht
    Bernie Albrecht at |

    Trading with binary options is always as risky as trading forex, but there are ways to lessen the risks if you are just willing to learn a lot of things at once.

    1. Damion Paulson
      Damion Paulson at |

      I personally checked on the educational section of each broker, and here at anyoption, I found some helpful tools. Were you able to use this section into your own trading advantage?

      1. Sterling Pagan
        Sterling Pagan at |

        I was able to check the educational section and you basically going to find an easy how-to methods of trading binary options. I am honestly, looking for more.

        1. Clarence Pressley
          Clarence Pressley at |

          Was there any downloadable reading materials in this section?

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